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Secrets of professionals for easy window cleaning

Image of windows cleaningNothing opens the house just like the crystal clear windows. When the glass shines, and in the corners of the windows there is no dust, every room looks more spacious, bright and clean. However, many of us postpone this task as much as possible.
People often abandon the cleaning of windows for 2 reasons. First, they often choose inappropriate preparations and tools, and secondly, they often choose inappropriate methods. That’s why they decided to share the most effective techniques to quickly and easily clean glass doors and windows that everyone can apply.


Before you start with the glass, remove the blinds and curtains. If possible, clean the curtains the same day. There is no point in getting a glass cleaner if the window frames are covered with dust. Carefully move the vacuum cleaner on the joinery, especially in the corners and around the handles. Use the dust extractor or a small hand vacuum cleaner.


There are dozens of types of glass cleaners and smooth surfaces sold in supermarkets. However, many professionals use the simplest solution that we can prepare for ourselves. Pour a teaspoon of dishwasher into half a bucket of lukewarm water. The less foam you make, the better.
Take a bath sponge (bigger and more comfortable than a household sponge), immerse it in the solution, and circularly wash the window to dissolve the stains. If there are greasy stains on the glass, or fingerprints, you can easily remove them using alcohol and household paper.


If you still do not have a wiper in your home arsenal, it’s time to invest in this useful device. The best window Image of old windowcleaners are with a changeable rubber. And the more common models work as long as the rubber band is not chopped or worn, otherwise it will leave traces on the glass.

Once you finish the soap solution and the sponge, it’s time for the glass cleaner. Start at the top with a single continuous movement to the bottom of the window. After each wetting, dry the rubber with a clean, dry cloth. This way you will not leave any traces.


Select a cloudy day for cleaning.

In direct sunlight, the windows dry faster and traces of detergents remain.
Remove the remains of old patches from the glass using … mayonnaise. Grease in mayonnaise will help you to remove the old glue more easily. You may also use acetone (or acetone varnish). Apply on the sticker, wait for it to be absorbed and scratch it with an old credit card or plastic spatula to avoid scratching the glass.
If the window is slightly scratched, put a little toothpaste on a little cotton and apply it with circular movements. The paste will polish the scratch. Never use abrasive particle toothpaste.
Follow these tips to enjoy brilliantly clean windows with minimal effort. Thanks to the SYK Cleaning, the cheapest end of tenancy cleaning London.

This video is for cleaning sliding door or window tracks.

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