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Popular myths of cleaning and the truth for them

Each of us has a clear idea of cleaning, preparations, how to clean the various surfaces, and many other claims we have accepted for facts without thinking about whether they are truly true. We decided to gather the most popular myths about cleaning and tell you the truth about them.

Bellina is the best detergent

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It’s not true, it’s just a disinfectant. It kills microbes and bacteria and certainly successfully destroys the mold but is not the most suitable preparation for everyday use. It’s not a good idea to use it to clean the worktops or kitchen utensils, and you certainly can not clean the floor and the furniture because it’s almost certain that you will damage them. Along with the other negative aspects, we must not miss the strong smell. For some it is the smell of purity, but not for those suffering from allergy and asthma.

We can really clean everything with distilled vinegar, is it true?

The answer is almost everything. Vinegar is a favorite helper for every eco housewife, alone and in combination with soda bicarbonate, but has surfaces that you should never clean with vinegar. Never use on marble and granite, or on natural parquet, because these materials can be irreparably damaged by vinegar.

Frequent cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will destroy the carpets

The same applies to laundry, ironing and drying of clothes, but it is nevertheless an activity to perform daily.

Nothing is everlasting, and your carpet too, but that does not mean you have to leave it dirty and unsupported just to have it all your life. Even on the contrary, irregular carpet maintenance allows dirt to penetrate into the tissues and create a paradise for any bacteria and microbes.

The best way to clean the windows is…with a newspaper

This statement has countless faithful followers who are convinced that this is one of the most unsurpassed ways to

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clean the household. It is true that the windows are really cleaned with a newspaper, but it is also true that the paper leaves behind annoying fibers and ink that are difficult to clean, especially PVC joinery.

A large quantity of detergent results in perfect cleaning

It is clear that a complete sink with dishes cannot be cleaned with a drop of detergent, so it would be more effective to sap well, wash the dishes and then rinse them thoroughly. However, this practice is not suitable for surfaces that can not be thoroughly rinsed with clean water. In such cases, it is inappropriate to use an excessive amount of detergent because you will not be able to remove it altogether, and with it the dirt it is intended for.

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