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Clean the carpet in one fell swoop

Certainly cleaning or rather carpet washing is not among the most enjoyable activities, especially If you do not use professional services like me – Carpet Cleaning Essex is my helper in the fight against the carpet stains. But we’ll show you an easy way for your carpet to shine like a new one in one go. If you do not have a steam cleaner or a vacuum cleaner, these tricks will surely prove your salvation.

Vinegar and baking soda

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Here’s what you need to do to shine your carpet as a new one. First, go with a vacuum cleaner as usual. Once you’ve done this, you need to soak a cotton cloth in vinegar. Then drain it and clean the carpet with it. If necessary, immerse it in vinegar periodically.

You’ve done half the job so far. Now you need to take another cotton towel to moisten with water. Then sprinkle it with soda bicarbonate. Wipe the whole carpet with this cloth and allow it to stand for 30 minutes.

Vinegar will disinfect your carpet, and the baking soda will remove the unpleasant aromas it

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Baking soda

has taken and will neutralize dust residue. There is only one more thing left to shine your carpet – go again with a vacuum cleaner to pick up the remains of the soda.

Now you can enjoy the outcome of your work

Rubbing gum from the carpet

  • Freeze cleaning

You need a few ice cubes, a plastic bag and a spoon or knife to scrape the gum out of your carpet. Put the ice in the bag and place it on the contaminated area. Wait a few minutes until the chewing gum hardens. Then grab the spoon and carefully remove it. If necessary, repeat several times until the spot is completely removed.

  • Cleaning with a hairdryer

This method is exactly the opposite of freezing. With the hot spray of the dryer, heat the gum. Be careful not to overheat the surface and damage the carpet or carpet fibers.

Once the chewing gum softens enough, pull it out of the carpet. To avoid dirtying your hands, it is best to put nylon or rubber gloves. Remove as much as possible from the gum. For the rest of it we will offer a cleaning option below.

Cleaning gum scraps on carpet

Image of chewing gum
Chewing gum

Even if it sounds strange to you, remove it with peanut butter or cream to relieve muscular pain, such as Ben Gay. Both have lubricating properties, and they just need you.

Choose one and apply it to the affected area. Shake with your fingers and use a soft cloth to remove the rust residue from the carpet fiber. You may also need to use your nails. You will then need to remove the traces of the selected detergent.

For this, you will need to make a solution of water and a little dishwasher detergent. Apply to the area and rub with a damp cloth. Rinse with a clean cloth. If you want the area to dry faster, it is best to remove the remaining water with a dry cloth.


The chewing gum spots on the carpet can also be removed using warm vinegar. Heat a small amount of it and apply it on the desired area. Leave it for about 15 minutes to work and remove the gum with a cloth. It is best to use white vinegar, especially if the carpet or carpet color is light.

If you want to know more cleaning tips watch this video.


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