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6 proved successful tricks for effective spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can become a real enjoyable if you apply some tested tricks that will greatly facilitate the process of refreshing the home. Consider these practical ideas that keep your home clean and tidy for longer. Bringing the house in order after the repair again entrusted to the qualified professionals from End of tenancy cleaning North London.

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Prepare a detailed action plan

The first step to successful spring cleaning at home is to plan major activities in various areas.

For this purpose, we recommend you start with the rooms, which often attract the most pollution, namely the kitchen and bathroom. Allow them to be cleaned more time, prepare all the necessary products and supplies the previous day. Thus you can quickly and easily perform basic cleaning of the house, without having to waste time in several unexpected trips to the store.

Start with basic cleaning the unnecessary belongings

Experienced hosts advised starting with basic cleaning of the belongings and collection of waste in each room. Thus piles of books on the desk not to tangle while trying to wipe the dust off it. After arranging all things in their places, wipe the dust in the room, starting from the highest points (chandeliers, tall kitchen cabinets, etc.), and only then move on and to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Take care of the condition of the cabinets in the bedroom

The good impression of the freshly cleaned home to your guests may be overshadowed by creaking or damaged cabinets. To get rid of unpleasant noise, use cotton and a little oil to lubricate the hinges of the doors or closets at home.

The most successful tricks to freshen the day

Do not ignore the massive furniture in the living room and refresh their appearance, first clean them with a vacuum cleaner, then remove the remaining dirt with cloth and soapy water. Finally, wipe the surface again with a dry cotton cloth. To polish the wooden section you use cotton wool soaked in a few drops of oil and cleaning the glass coffee table becomes really easy with the help of vinegar and water.

Clean the carpet at home

If you are unable to clean the carpet basically, you can at least freshen up its appearance by using a solution of baking soda and warm water.Sprinkle generously with liquid carpet, let it work for a few hours, then remove dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Similarly, you can remove stubborn stains and using salt or a mixture of equal parts cornstarch and vinegar.

Motivate with music and put a deadline

For some spring cleaning is a long-awaited pleasure, for others – a real challenge to the will and zeal. Make this process a bit more enjoyable by creating background music, which will contribute to the good mood and at least partially neutralizes unpleasant hum of the vacuum cleaner. Another successful idea to determine the timeframe for implementation of individual tasks – set the timer to ring after 30 minutes, as this is the time you need to freshen up the bathroom for example.

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