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4 pot plants, air purifying and … hard to kill!

If there is no possibility of frequent ventilation, the air in the enclosed premises is stagnant and allows any pollutants such as dust, bacteria, molds and others to fit freely in the room. We all know that their high concentration is harmful to health. This is why today we will introduce you four pot plants that can help us in the purification of the air and are also extremely easy to care for – it is almost impossible to get them killed!


  1. Chrysanthemum

This plant is a real beast as far as purifying the air! And if you do not believe us, believe NASA who has conducted a survey. It turns out that the chrysanthemum removes ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene from the air in your home. This is a popular and inexpensive flower that is extremely durable – it can be planted outside.


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6 proved successful tricks for effective spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can become a real enjoyable if you apply some tested tricks that will greatly facilitate the process of refreshing the home. Consider these practical ideas that keep your home clean and tidy for longer. Bringing the house in order after the repair again entrusted to the qualified professionals from End of tenancy cleaning North London.

Prepare a detailed action plan

The first step to successful spring cleaning at home is to plan major activities in various areas.

For this purpose, we recommend you start with the rooms, which often attract the most pollution, namely the kitchen and bathroom. Allow them to be cleaned more time, prepare all the necessary products and supplies the previous day. Thus you can quickly and easily perform basic cleaning of the house, without having to waste time in several unexpected trips to the store.

Start with basic cleaning the unnecessary belongings

Experienced hosts advised starting with basic cleaning of the belongings and collection of waste in each room. Thus piles of books on the desk not to tangle while trying to wipe the dust off it. After arranging all things in their places, wipe the dust in the room, starting from the highest points (chandeliers, tall kitchen cabinets, etc.), and only then move on and to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.