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Popular myths of cleaning and the truth for them

Each of us has a clear idea of cleaning, preparations, how to clean the various surfaces, and many other claims we have accepted for facts without thinking about whether they are truly true. We decided to gather the most popular myths about cleaning and tell you the truth about them.

Bellina is the best detergent

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It’s not true, it’s just a disinfectant. It kills microbes and bacteria and certainly successfully destroys the mold but is not the most suitable preparation for everyday use. It’s not a good idea to use it to clean the worktops or kitchen utensils, and you certainly can not clean the floor and the furniture because it’s almost certain that you will damage them. Along with the other negative aspects, we must not miss the strong smell. For some it is the smell of purity, but not for those suffering from allergy and asthma.

We can really clean everything with distilled vinegar, is it true?

The answer is almost everything. Vinegar is a favorite helper for every eco housewife, alone and in combination with soda bicarbonate, but has surfaces that you should never clean with vinegar. Never use on marble and granite, or on natural parquet, because these materials can be irreparably damaged by vinegar.

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How to clean annoying carpet stains

Pets, children, or even our own awkwardness (let’s face it, we all have such moments) can cause ugly stains on the carpet. But even the most stubborn stains on carpets can be removed with little care and the right ingredients. You do not have to spend your hard-earned money on expensive carpets or detergents or professional carpet cleaning. Everything most likely is in your closet.

Before you try one of these stain removal methods, remember the most important thing: Never rub the stain.

So you will rub it deep inside the carpet. Instead, pick up the spoon as much as possible and then dip with a paper napkin or a clean microfiber cloth. The movement must be on the outside of the stain to the center so that it does not spread around.

After cleaning the main one, here are some methods for cleaning different types of stains:

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Secrets of professionals for easy window cleaning

Image of windows cleaningNothing opens the house just like the crystal clear windows. When the glass shines, and in the corners of the windows there is no dust, every room looks more spacious, bright and clean. However, many of us postpone this task as much as possible.
People often abandon the cleaning of windows for 2 reasons. First, they often choose inappropriate preparations and tools, and secondly, they often choose inappropriate methods. That’s why they decided to share the most effective techniques to quickly and easily clean glass doors and windows that everyone can apply.


Before you start with the glass, remove the blinds and curtains. If possible, clean the curtains the same day. There is no point in getting a glass cleaner if the window frames are covered with dust. Carefully move the vacuum cleaner on the joinery, especially in the corners and around the handles. Use the dust extractor or a small hand vacuum cleaner…

…If the window is slightly scratched, put a little toothpaste on a little cotton and apply it with circular movements. The paste will polish the scratch. Never use abrasive particle toothpaste.
Follow these tips to enjoy brilliantly clean windows with minimal effort. Thanks to the cheapest end of tenancy cleaning London.

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How to Prepare The Home for a Newborn


Almost always before the newborn comes home we repaint, sanitize and buy new furniture for the nursery.

We advise you not to do this at the last minute. If you are planning to buy new furniture, do so at least 2-3 months before the baby is born. The new furniture has a large number of varnishes and adhesives, which often emit a strong odor for months. The same applies to some plasters, floor paints, wall insulation, wallpaper, and so on. The emission of these odors into the air may contribute to the development of an allergic reaction. Modern synthetic products used in construction and furniture are not harmless, and if chemicals accumulate in the air, they could lead to respiratory or allergic problems. Often, when you enter a new apartment or a newly furnished room, you feel a strong odor that we say “smells new.” This scent is not necessarily unpleasant, but it is irritating to the more sensitive people, and if it can cause sneezing and watery eyes, how much more this applies to the little baby.

If you do not have the opportunity to repair earlier, but you have to do it at the last minute, make sure you take one of the following precautions:

  • Keep an open door or window permanently, at least until the baby comes home.
  • Buy or borrow an air purifier to remove odors.
  • When it is convenient and possible, keep the baby in another room until the room stop smell. Unfortunately, this sometimes lasts more than a month or two.
  • Ventilate the room regularly.
  • And if you want all this can be done by professional cleaners.
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Clean the carpet in one fell swoop

Certainly cleaning or rather carpet washing is not among the most enjoyable activities, especially If you do not use professional services like me – Carpet Cleaning Essex is my helper in the fight against the carpet stains. But we’ll show you an easy way for your carpet to shine like a new one in one go. If you do not have a steam cleaner or a vacuum cleaner, these tricks will surely prove your salvation.

Vinegar and baking soda

Here’s what you need to do to shine your carpet as a new one. First, go with a vacuum cleaner as usual. Once you’ve done this, you need to soak a cotton cloth in vinegar. Then drain it and clean the carpet with it. If necessary, immerse it in vinegar periodically.

You’ve done half the job so far. Now you need to take another cotton towel to moisten with water. Then sprinkle it with soda bicarbonate. Wipe the whole carpet with this cloth and allow it to stand for 30 minutes.

Vinegar will disinfect your carpet, and the baking soda will remove the unpleasant aromas it

has taken and will neutralize dust residue. There is only one more thing left to shine your carpet – go again with a vacuum cleaner to pick up the remains of the soda.

Now you can enjoy the outcome of your work


Rubbing gum from the carpet

  • Freeze cleaning

You need a few ice cubes, a plastic bag and a spoon or knife to scrape the gum out of your carpet. Put the ice in the bag and place it on the contaminated area. Wait a few minutes until the chewing gum hardens. Then grab the spoon and carefully remove it. If necessary, repeat several times until the spot is completely removed.

  • Cleaning with a hairdryer

This method is exactly the opposite of freezing. With the hot spray of the dryer, heat the gum. Be careful not to overheat the surface and damage the carpet or carpet fibers.

Once the chewing gum softens enough, pull it out of the carpet. To avoid dirtying your hands, it is best to put nylon or rubber gloves. Remove as much as possible from the gum. For the rest of it we will offer a cleaning option below.

Cleaning gum scraps on carpet

Even if it sounds strange to you, remove it with peanut butter or cream to relieve muscular pain, such as Ben Gay. Both have lubricating properties, and they just need you.

Choose one and apply it to the affected area. Shake with your fingers and use a soft cloth to remove the rust residue from the carpet fiber. You may also need to use your nails. You will then need to remove the traces of the selected detergent.

For this, you will need to make a solution of water and a little dishwasher detergent. Apply to the area and rub with a damp cloth. Rinse with a clean cloth. If you want the area to dry faster, it is best to remove the remaining water with a dry cloth.


The chewing gum spots on the carpet can also be removed using warm vinegar. Heat a small amount of it and apply it on the desired area. Leave it for about 15 minutes to work and remove the gum with a cloth. It is best to use white vinegar, especially if the carpet or carpet color is light.


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4 pot plants, air purifying and … hard to kill!

If there is no possibility of frequent ventilation, the air in the enclosed premises is stagnant and allows any pollutants such as dust, bacteria, molds and others to fit freely in the room. We all know that their high concentration is harmful to health. This is why today we will introduce you four pot plants that can help us in the purification of the air and are also extremely easy to care for – it is almost impossible to get them killed!


  1. Chrysanthemum

This plant is a real beast as far as purifying the air! And if you do not believe us, believe NASA who has conducted a survey. It turns out that the chrysanthemum removes ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene from the air in your home. This is a popular and inexpensive flower that is extremely durable – it can be planted outside.


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6 proved successful tricks for effective spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can become a real enjoyable if you apply some tested tricks that will greatly facilitate the process of refreshing the home. Consider these practical ideas that keep your home clean and tidy for longer. Bringing the house in order after the repair again entrusted to the qualified professionals from End of tenancy cleaning North London.

Prepare a detailed action plan

The first step to successful spring cleaning at home is to plan major activities in various areas.

For this purpose, we recommend you start with the rooms, which often attract the most pollution, namely the kitchen and bathroom. Allow them to be cleaned more time, prepare all the necessary products and supplies the previous day. Thus you can quickly and easily perform basic cleaning of the house, without having to waste time in several unexpected trips to the store.

Start with basic cleaning the unnecessary belongings

Experienced hosts advised starting with basic cleaning of the belongings and collection of waste in each room. Thus piles of books on the desk not to tangle while trying to wipe the dust off it. After arranging all things in their places, wipe the dust in the room, starting from the highest points (chandeliers, tall kitchen cabinets, etc.), and only then move on and to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.