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Popular myths of cleaning and the truth for them

Each of us has a clear idea of cleaning, preparations, how to clean the various surfaces, and many other claims we have accepted for facts without thinking about whether they are truly true. We decided to gather the most popular myths about cleaning and tell you the truth about them.

Bellina is the best detergent

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It’s not true, it’s just a disinfectant. It kills microbes and bacteria and certainly successfully destroys the mold but is not the most suitable preparation for everyday use. It’s not a good idea to use it to clean the worktops or kitchen utensils, and you certainly can not clean the floor and the furniture because it’s almost certain that you will damage them. Along with the other negative aspects, we must not miss the strong smell. For some it is the smell of purity, but not for those suffering from allergy and asthma.

We can really clean everything with distilled vinegar, is it true?

The answer is almost everything. Vinegar is a favorite helper for every eco housewife, alone and in combination with soda bicarbonate, but has surfaces that you should never clean with vinegar. Never use on marble and granite, or on natural parquet, because these materials can be irreparably damaged by vinegar.

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How to clean annoying carpet stains

Pets, children, or even our own awkwardness (let’s face it, we all have such moments) can cause ugly stains on the carpet. But even the most stubborn stains on carpets can be removed with little care and the right ingredients. You do not have to spend your hard-earned money on expensive carpets or detergents or professional carpet cleaning. Everything most likely is in your closet.

Before you try one of these stain removal methods, remember the most important thing: Never rub the stain.

So you will rub it deep inside the carpet. Instead, pick up the spoon as much as possible and then dip with a paper napkin or a clean microfiber cloth. The movement must be on the outside of the stain to the center so that it does not spread around.

After cleaning the main one, here are some methods for cleaning different types of stains:

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Secrets of professionals for easy window cleaning

Image of windows cleaningNothing opens the house just like the crystal clear windows. When the glass shines, and in the corners of the windows there is no dust, every room looks more spacious, bright and clean. However, many of us postpone this task as much as possible.
People often abandon the cleaning of windows for 2 reasons. First, they often choose inappropriate preparations and tools, and secondly, they often choose inappropriate methods. That’s why they decided to share the most effective techniques to quickly and easily clean glass doors and windows that everyone can apply.


Before you start with the glass, remove the blinds and curtains. If possible, clean the curtains the same day. There is no point in getting a glass cleaner if the window frames are covered with dust. Carefully move the vacuum cleaner on the joinery, especially in the corners and around the handles. Use the dust extractor or a small hand vacuum cleaner…

…If the window is slightly scratched, put a little toothpaste on a little cotton and apply it with circular movements. The paste will polish the scratch. Never use abrasive particle toothpaste.
Follow these tips to enjoy brilliantly clean windows with minimal effort. Thanks to the cheapest end of tenancy cleaning London.